10' Home Plate Halo with Wings and Shock Pad

This 10 foot home plate halo comes with Wings and a Shock pad made of 5 mm foam padding to allow for extra comfort and cushion. Save time and money by protecting the area around home plate from wear and tear caused by batting practice and portable batting cage removal.The heavy duty design is also steel spike proof, which prevents tears and abrasions.

Price applies to green only, colors are available with additional fee. Call for more details.

Dimensions: 10 ft wide.


Item #: AT6007


Estimated Shipping: $350.00

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  • Description:
    We sell a variety of different size home plate halos, with or without wings & pads, with different styles of turf, and also with custom logos, lettering and designs. 

    Why purchase Home Plate Halos from On Deck Sports?
    - Our plate halos come with options to include different sizes, wings and shock pads
    - Spike-resistant mat technology
    - Home plate halos are great for drainage
    - Custom logos available on many styles
    - Halos offer excellent foot traction
    - Artificial turf halos keep your playing fields clean and looking professional
    - Kids and adults love playing on artificial baseball turf
    - Halos be installed on baseball or softball fields

    More about our Baseball & Softball Artificial Turf Products:
    Along with our home plate halos, we also sell batting cage mats, home base mats with catchers extensions, on deck batter circles, artificial turf for bullpens, pitching mats, artificial pitching mounds and even turf for complete playing fields and practice facilities.  Click to view our complete line of artificial turf sports mat products.

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  • Reviews:

    Callsy Home PLate Halo

    We saved for a year to buy a custom baseball hoal for our league. We love the look, We love to play on it, and it keeps our field clean. Nice quality too!

    Bob E Palm Bay, FL 1/19/2012

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