10' Home Plate Halo

Home plate halos are a smart investment and offer your players the opportunity to play on a real professional type field. Also, artificial turf halos save you money because they help protect home plate from the daily wear caused by batting practice. The heavy duty design is also steel spike proof, which prevents tears and abrasions.  This 10 foot home plate halo includes foam padding to allow for extra comfort and performance.

Price applies to green only, colors are available with additional fee. Call for more details.

Dimensions: 10' wide


Item #: AT6001


Estimated Shipping: $350.00

Product Review Reviews Average: 9

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  • Description:
    Home Plate Halo | 10 Foot turf
    - Turf halos help with field draining
    - Halos options can include different sizes, wings and shock pads
    - Spike-resistant turf offers foot traction and durability
    - Custom logos and naming can be added
    - Home plate halos enhance the look and value of your field
    - Players of all ages love playing on a field that has a halo
  • Reviews:

    Our field looks fantastic now!

    We had truble with mud, dirt and holes becuase our field is used every day, alomosty all day by all our teams. This homeplate halo saved us. Not to difficult to install, and very liing lasting. It still looks new.

    Curtis G Spokane, WA 1/19/2012

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