BATCO Softball Little League Batting Cage

The BATCO Batting Cage is great for Softball players, Little Leagues and Youth Baseball. The batting cage folds up easily and quickly from 54' to just 2' in less than 2 minutes. The ease, comfort and durability of this batting cage will allow you to make the most of your batting practice time. Plus, this batting cage can be used Indoors & Outdoors!

Dimensions: 54' L x 18' W x 12' H

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  • Description:
    BATCO Softball Indoor-Outdoor Batting Cage
    - The batting cage is higher and wider than most batting tunnels and its arched shape prevents movement in wind.
    - 4 arch frames measuring 54' L x 18' W x 12' H to deploy.
    - Size allows live batting practice to be thrown comfortably.
    - Zippered opening for easy cage entrance.
    - Backstop can be expanded or contracted in less than 5 minutes.
    - Batting Cage folds up and stores in a 2' deep area.
    - Crutch tips are included to prevent damage to gym floors.
    - Backstop netting is constructed from 42 gauge weather-treated knotless nylon for superior durability.
    - Please specify indoor or outdoor, speak with Customer Service.
    - Additional feet available for $100/set. See our Custom Net Calculator for special sizing.
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