Golfer's Power Drive

Designed for youth, high school, college and professional golfers. Built to last a golfer's career. Includes back drive unit and front foot platform. Solid 3/16" steel, designed to with stand driving range and golf team use. Light weight and portable to fit in side golf bag pouch. Green turf with special 3M adhesive back that does not cure at 100% to allow replacement. Turf pad replacements are available from PPD. 100% USA built.



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    The Golfer’s Power Drive teaches golfers to get their lower body initiated into the golf swing with a stabilized back leg and foot.  Once you have learned to stabilize the lower body on the backswing, the power drive can then be used to work on the downswing.  When done properly, the Golfer’s Power Drive standing plate produces an audible “CLICK” on the lower front side plate.  This auditory sound and kinetic feel provides a multisensory teaching aid that trains the golfer’s muscle memory and increases their skills.

    The Golfer’s Power Drive comes with a turf power drive device used on the back foot as well as a front foot platform to make sure that the golfer’s feet remain on the same plane while using the device. As an optional addition, the Golfer’s Power Drive offers a hitting mat to provide a life like surface for golfer’s to take their practice swings from.
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