Netting Styles

The Gauge of a net refers to its thickness, so a #60 net is thicker than a #21, for example.

The Mesh Size is the size of each square. Our nets range from ¾” and 1” mesh for Golf, to 1.5” mesh for Lacrosse and Hockey, to 1 ¾” mesh for Baseball and Softball, to 4” mesh for Soccer.

The Color of a net may be available in Black, White, or Green.

Specific Sports:

Baseball/Softball-All of our gauge options have 1.75” squares, so a baseball or softball will not go through the net. The nylon gauge options go from #18 to #96, and our most popular choice is the #36. The #36 is also very popular for Lifeline Netting for boating.

The #36 is available in Black, White, or Green. The #21 in Black or White. All other baseball/softball gauges are  available in Black only.

Poly nets only come in #36 gauge. Nets available in Black.

Golf-We offer two nylon golf net options in #18 gauge. For direct hitting and heavy use, we have High Impact nets with ¾” squares. Nets available in Black or White.

For low impact or longer distances, we have Barrier nets with 1” squares. Nets available in Black, White, or Green.

Lacrosse-Our lacrosse nets have a smaller square size (1.5") so a lacrosse ball will not go through them. They are made form #30 nylon and are available in Black only

HockeyOur #30 gauge nylon hockey net has a 1.5" square size which prevents pucks from going through. 

Also available is our 1 3/4" Clear mono-filament netting. This is great for the top of hockey goals and as barrier netting.


Soccer-We use #36 nylon nets with a 4” square for soccer to allow the most viewing room possible. Since a soccer ball is much larger than golf or baseball, the soccer ball will not fit through the larger mesh squares. Nets available in Black or White.