Pro Down Segment Timer

Lightweight and Portable



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  • Description:
    - Program your practice schedule and workout drills
    - Once program is set you never have to change it
    - Remembers last set up
    - Super bright 8" yellow and 13" Red LED digits can been seen from 300 feet
    - AC or DC with built-in, 8 hour rechargeable battery
    - Add transition periods between segments to allow for rest periods
    - Loud horn sounds after each segment and 3 short beeps after each rest period
    - Program up to 99 segments from 1 second to 99 minutes.  The last minute always counts down in seconds
    - Remote wireless programmer remembers last entry and has a range of 65 feet
    - Includes fence attachment and water cover
    - All steel case with built in handle and a weather protector and comes with storage pouch for remote programmer
    - 33" W X 18" H X 4.5D
    - Weighs only 26 lbs
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