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Landscaping with artificial grass is the ideal solution for any home and business looking to improve their ground cover. This synthetic "grass" is easy to install, extremely durable and safe for people and pets. Best of all, using artificial turf for landscaping your yard is environmentally friendly, the grass will stay green all year round, it cuts down on your expensive water bills, plus you'll never have to mow your lawn again! Contact one of our landscape turf experts, call toll free 800-365-6171 or browse our landscape turf selection below and buy today.

Suggested Landscape Turf

  PT Pro
  $1.39 sq./ft

  PT Pro 50
  $1.99 sq./ft

  PT Pro 90
  $2.99 sq./ft

PT Pro is best used for doggie day cares and pet areas. This unpadded artificial turf style is low maintenance, durable, drainable, and can stand up to the worst your dog has to offer. Recommended to use ½ lb./Sq.Ft. infill to maintain proper weight and desired look. This turf holds it's color well, and looks great all year!

- Pile Height: 1"
- Face Weight: 19 oz.
- Yarn Type: Poly
- Width: 12'
- Drainable

PT Pro 50 Turf is a great turf and is best used for yard replacement or landscape projects. This unpadded artificial turf style is low maintenance, durable, drainable, and can stand up to any weather conditions. PT Pro 50 will keep your yard green all year, and for years to come.

- Pile Height: 1-3/4"
- Face Weight: 50 oz
- Yarn Type: Poly
- Width: 15'
- Drainable

PTPro 90 is our high end landscape turf. Best for simulating grass in your yard, landscape or commercial application. See your lawn look full and beautiful all year round. Low maintenance and durable your may never mow your lawn again. You may want to use 1/2 lb. of infill per square foot with this product to get the desired look.

- Pile Height: 1-3/4" Tall
- Face Weight: 90 oz
- Yarn Type: Poly
- Width: 15'
- Drainable

Other Landscape Turf Options

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