Rubber Flooring Cleaner - One Gallon

Dimensions: 1 Gallon - 8.33lbs


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  • Description:
    Highly concentrated  Rubber Flooring Cleaner is effective for all routine cleaning jobs. Rubber Flooring Cleaner is designed for use with all rubber surfacing products. Use for damp mopping, scrubbing, spray and wipe cleaning, or with a 
    hand bucket and cloth. Rubber Flooring Cleaner revitalizes any washable surface without damage.

    • Almost neutral pH
    • No streaking or foaming when used through automatic
    scrubbing machine
    • Will not attack, damage or dull any floor finish or wax
    • Quickly and easily lifts soil from all washable surfaces
    • Dries film free
    • Revitalizes any washable surface without damage

    • Nontoxic (aquatic & human)
    • Phosphate Free
    • Biodegradable
    • No added fragrances
    • Non-Corrosive
    • Contains no Hazardous Ingredients
     Not formulated with Glycol Ethers
    • Not formulated with Alkalis
    • Bio-based ingredients

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