Pitching Target

This Pitching Target is a two-sided pitcher's target and will accomodate left and right handed hitters alike. Made of durable vinyl coated nylon with pouch. Frame measures  1-5/8" diameter, 18 oz. galvanized steel. Simple assembly since it requires no tools. Measures 48"W x 78"H and weighs 30 lbs. Since players can set it up themselves, they will even be able to get in extra practice on their own. This Pitching Target is well-constructed, heavy duty, and can drastically improve a pitcher's performance. Heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon catcher with pouch. Two sided pitcher's target.  

Dimensions: 48" W x 78" H.


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  • Description:
    Pitching Target
    - Two sided pitcher's target. 
    - Will accommodate both right-handed and left-handed hitters. 
    - Frame is 1-5/8" diameter, 18 gauge galvanized steel. 
    - Easy assembly, no tools required.
    - 48"W x 78"H. 30 lbs.
    - Heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon catcher with pouch.
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