Schutt Hollywood Impact Double First Base

Advanced Compression during impact to reduce the risk of ankle, leg and knee injuries, the Schutt® Hollywood® Impact™ Double First Base is safer for runners and fielders. The Hollywood® Impact® Double 1st Base features professional, durable, one-piece molded rubber construction that will not separate in the heat of play. The patented chevron design on base's underside adds support and durability.



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  • Description:
    Schutt Holywood Impact Double First Base
    • Dual first base design is safer for runners and fielders.
    • Unique design compresses upon impact; one-piece molded base - will not separate.
    • Advanced Compression upon impact to reduce risk of ankle, leg and knee injuries.
    • Patented chevron design on underside of bases.
    • Recommended for recreational and youth levels of play.
    • Anchor plugs and ground anchors sold separately.
    • Dimensions: 30” x 15” x 2 ½” / 4” stanchions.
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