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  • Description:
    The Sky Bat is the most effective way to coach your player with fly-balls and grounders. It's proven to increase performance and development of their catching skills. 

    SKY BAT is a modified racket, specifically engineered and designed with heavy duty string and metal plates attached to withstand the weight of baseballs and softballs.  It's so easy, anyone can use it.
  • Reviews:

    OMG Is so good

    This is the best invention in baseball practice.

    Jake Fornie Miami Florida 6/18/2015


    On my list !!!!!

    John Ruusul California 5/3/2013


    Works very good !

    Bobby Petrino Pennsylvania 2/6/2013


    I bought a SkyBat last year and is the best money I ever spent.

    chris johnson Dallas 1/13/2013

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