SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP

The Bryce Harper SwingAway MVP home training system is designed specifically for home training for players of all ages & skill levels. Serious players should consider The SwingAway PRO-Series. Made of high quality 18 gauge powder-coated steel. The set-up size of the frame is 62" x 50" with highest point of 6'2". Recommended space is 10' x 10' area. The total weight is only 36 lbs.



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  • Description:
    SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP
    - Immediately becomes a hitting station for practice and pre-game batting practice.
    - Provides the feel of hitting live pitches without chasing or picking up balls.
    - Ensures a perfect swing with each repetition, instant feedback visually and by feel.
    - Ball can be positioned anywhere in the strike zone, high, low, inside or outside.
    - Includes the SA patented hitting training mat which teaches proper contact points to hit inside, outside, down the middle pitch locations.
    - Promotes a quick and powerful hands inside and to the ball, eliminating a long casting swing and other swing flaws.
    - Three-second ball return, up to 10-15 quality swings per minute - 100-150 cuts in Only 10-15 minutes.
    - Develops proper swing mechanics, muscle memory, bat speed, power and confidence.
    - Train year-round, set up indoors or outdoors. Unit folds flat in seconds for maximum portability and storage.
    - Converts easily to a world class pitch-back for defensive and throwing drills.
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