The Ultimate Pitcher's & Catcher's Plate

The Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher’s Plate emphasizes pitching to the corners. The all rubber design has bright 5" orange tabs easily visible to the pitcher, highlighting the corners. The three points on the back of the plate provide simple positioning advice for the catcher to line up their feet and glove.  Training with the Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate will improve your pitcher's and catcher's command of the corners.

Dimensions: 24" x 17"


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  • Description:
    The Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate
    - The 5-inch orange edges and white part of the plate cover 2.5” of a traditional home plate and 2.5” off the edge of a traditional home plate.<br>
    - The back part of the plate is to help position the catcher.<br>
    - This training tool is also perfect for fast pitch softball pitchers and catchers.<br>
    - Helps pitchers understand how to pitch to batters so they can be successful.<br>
    - Expands the zone to 22" instead of 17".<br>
    - Sets up soft toss target.<br>
    - Includes instructions to stake down (stakes not included).<br>
    - Scuff- and stain-resistant.<br>
    - Stress-cracking resistant, with its rubber design, high-gloss finish.<br>
    - Light weight and portable, weighs under 2 lb.<br>
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