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The Sky Bat is the most effective way to coach your player with fly-balls and grounders. It's proven to increase performance and development of their catching skills.

The Sky Bat is the most effective way to coach your players with fly-balls, infield flies, and grounders. Great for all skill levels, the Sky Bat has been proven again and again to increase performance and development of your player’s catching skills. This is also the perfect practice tool to improve your player’s speed and footwork. Designed to be more consistent and easier to use than a Fungo Bat, the Sky Bat is great if you are looking to train your players by sending them consistently hit and accurate balls. It's so easy to use, we recommend it for all levels of play, from youth leagues to the professionals.

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Works very good !



I bought a SkyBat last year and is the best money I ever spent.

OMG Is so good


This is the best invention in baseball practice.



On my list !!!!!

Sky Bat has design flaw


I bought two Sky Bats. The product works pretty well. You need a strong wrist to hit it straight but the ball does travel well when well hit. Be careful who you allow to use yours. A key component, the piece at the bottom of the racket that keeps the strings nice and taught, i.e. the piece that says "Sky Bat" that forms the top of the triangle shape where the handle connects to the racket, is made of plastic. A hard hit on this plastic component breaks the component and thus the racket. I would suggest that only coaches use the Sky Bat and be careful not to miss hit the ball with the plastic connecting piece. That is how one of mine broke. The Sky Bat folks will fix your racket for you if this happens, but you need to ship it down to Florida ($10+/-) and pay the manufacturer $30 to fix it and send it back.