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Considering Options For Custom Home Plate Halos

By On Deck Sports
July 29, 2016

Choosing a Home Plate Halo for your Baseball or Softball Field

Teams and organizations across the country are looking to make their fields and stadiums stand out as the best. To do this, many are adding custom projects to their field to create a new, exciting and custom look. These projects need to both look great and serve a purpose for the team and field. One of these major, custom projects that you can do for your field is adding a new home plate halo. On Deck Sports has the expertise to get your team or field a new custom home plate halo that will look great and provide protection for your field. Adding a custom home plate halo to your field not only provides a new, custom look, it protects the area around your home plate from heavy use. This includes using portable backstops during batting practice or with coaches and athletes walking around the area. There are multiple options you can choose when getting your new home plate halo, each providing different qualities for both look and protection. All of our home plate halos are made from a durable artificial turf that resists tearing from metal spikes. This ensures the halo will keep its professional look, even when players and coaches are walking on it before, during or after the game. [slideshow_deploy id='572'] As a base option, you can install a plain home plate halo. These are available in five and 10-foot widths and in a wide variety of custom colors. This is the cheapest option for a home plate halo, but often not suggested because the bottom of the turf halo does not adhere as well to the concrete footing that is needed for your halo. It also does not allow for custom logos or lettering - taking away from the overall look and feel of your halo. What we do suggest is adding a "shock pad" to your home plate halo. This layer of padding adheres much better to the concrete footing while also adding a layer of protection for your players. This is a far more popular option because of the added safety and the ability to add custom logos and lettering thanks to the shock pad. This allows you to make your field fully customized and uniquely yours. Custom logos and lettering can only go on halos with the shock pad. The final option that can be added is adding wings. These are extensions that are added to the halo that extend down the first and third base line. These extensions are the ideal spot for fungo work during pre-game warm ups. It is a spot that coaches can stand on and hit ground balls to fielders without doing any damage to the field itself. When installed with a shock pad, custom logos and lettering can be added to the wings.

Give Your Field a Professional Look with a Custom Home Plate Halo

"Home plate halos are a great option for any field, especially when you add the shock pad," On Deck Sports sales representative Matt Hurley said when asked about halos. "They give your field a more professional look while providing a great level of protection. I always suggest the shock pad to teams because of the added durability, protection and ability to add custom logos and letters. It is a great investment for any team looking to make a big improvement to their field."


Richard Krtausch wrote:

Inquiring for a price on 5’ halo with wings. Hunter green with with lettering (COUGARS). Thank you.

On 1/16/2024 5:50 am

On Deck Sports replied:

We have a great team of sales representatives that can help you design your halo with inlaid logos. I recommened filling out a Halo Request form at the bottom of this page You can also contact us by phone at 800-365-6171 or by e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you.

On 1/16/2024 5:50 am

Lida Homes wrote:

Thanks for sharing! I love your idea on how you can choose multiple options when getting new home plate halo.

On 1/16/2024 5:50 am