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Facility Feature: 5 Tool Performance

By On Deck Sports
April 2, 2020

After the Dedham, MA. community found itself without an indoor training facility, the 5 Tool Performance team decided to step up to the plate and create a space for year-round baseball and softball practice. They needed a partner to help with the facility design and installation and found a perfect match in On Deck Sports, stating, “We ultimately chose to work with On Deck Sports because of their staff’s architectural intellect, their desire to do something different, and their ability to supply best in-class products.”

Unique Netting System

5 Tool Performance has a unique L-shaped layout, and they wanted a shell net to maximize their space. In the manufacturing process, On Deck Sports was able to fabricate the 42-gauge net accordingly with the corners of the building, which made for a smooth installation process. Other than the shell, every net in the 5 Tool Performance facility is a walk-draw retractable curtain, giving the ability for a 10,000 square foot infield, or 9 individual batting tunnels. The tunnel design also streamlines the use of Rapsodo and HitTrax which leverage scientific data collection and video analysis to aid the training of 5 Tool athletes. After facility expert, Ryan Kane, walked them through their netting options, the 5 Tool team decided on 42-gauge to accommodate all levels of athletes from youth to professional. But the project didn’t stop there.

The Right Turf Option

5 Tool Performance chose the premium Elite Padded Artificial Turf

5 Tool Performance needed a durable flooring option that will stand up to heavy traffic and provide comfort to players. After feeling and learning about the different options, the 5 Tool team chose Elite padded, one of our premium artificial turf products. Elite turf is an ideal product for indoor facilities because it has a realistic feel, a 5mm foam pad, and a heavy face weight which eliminates the need for pesky rubber infill.

Strength and Conditioning

Split area of Black Rollout Rubber Flooring and Elite Padded Artificial Turf

5 Tool Performance is a versatile facility that also has a separate strength and conditioning area. This area includes a section of Elite padded turf and a section of black rubber flooring for weight training provided by On Deck Sports. Our rubber flooring is designed to be shock absorbent and scuff resistant, making it the ideal flooring solution to drop weights on.  

Team Equipment

Protective screens, baseballs, ball carts, batting mats and everything you could need to outfit your facility.

For the final touches on the new facility, 5 Tool Performance bought all the necessary team equipment they would need to start giving lessons and hosting team practices including batting mats with inlaid white lines, protective screens, vinyl backdrops, ball carts, and baseballs.

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