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Facility Feature: New Mexico State University

By On Deck Sports
June 18, 2021

New Mexico State University (NMSU) just got a game-changing batting cage addition to their baseball/softball facilities with the help of On Deck Sports (ODS)!

NMSU's new 5,600 sq.ft. facility acts as an all-weather "hitting barn" - an outdoor structure with only structural beams and a rooftop. Because of the rooftop, ODS was able to hang and install walk-draw retractable batting cage nets, giving the ability to host both offensive and defensive practices.

With all the netting pulled out, NMSU's facility creates a 4-individual tunnel layout for safe batting and pitching practices (pictured below in 3D rendering). And, because the divider curtains are on their own track, NMSU is able to push back or pull out any nets they want, creating plenty of different layout options.

Check out some of the project pictures below!

3D mock-up rendering of the facility before installation
Walk-draw retractable netting pushed back to reveal a 5,600 sq.ft.Elite artificial turf field
Netting pulled out to reveal up to 4 individual tunnels
Full batting cage setup with 4 individual tunnels

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