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FanGraphs Shines a Spotlight on On Deck Sports | Baseball Training and Equipment

By On Deck Sports
June 16, 2024

Have you ever noticed a tall batter’s dummy on a baseball or softball diamond? If you are a player or fan, chances are you have. This is The Designated Hitter Pro®, one of our signature products we have sold since 2010.

Often seen in the bullpen at MLB stadiums, indoor sports facilities, youth practice fields, and by YouTube creators, the DH Pro is the ultimate stand-in batter for bullpen sessions. Standing at 5 ft. and 9 in. tall, it gives pitchers the opportunity to better visualize hitting their spots in relation to where the batter is standing.

FanGraphs, one of baseball’s premier websites, released an article titled The Deconstructed Hitter on April 23rd. The article was written by MLB Network researcher and FanGraphs beat writer Davy Andrews, who highlights the origin story of the DH Pro.

Earlier this spring, Andrews frequently saw content of MLB and youth teams using the DH Pro, which prompted him to do further research on where it came from. That’s when Andrews came across On Deck Sports and eventually interviewed our founder, Joe Murphy.

After touching on the history of On Deck Sports, Murphy explained that he purchased the product in 2010 from Jim Haller and Steve Zawrotny. Haller and Zawrotny, both former pitchers, created the product in the early 2000s when they were both coaching. Haller was a former minor league pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, being drafted 9th overall in 1970. Andrews was able to interview Haller, who told an incredible story about how he and Zawrotny came up with the idea.

To read Andrews’ incredible piece exploring the history of the DH Pro, check out his article on FanGraphs!

The DH Pro comes in a red, blue, or gray top with a gray lower half. While easily transportable and versatile, the DH Pro can simulate both left-handed and right-handed batters. An orange string is attached to the elbow of the dummy to simulate the inside corner of the strike zone. In addition, it comes with a weighted base for extra durability. For our youth athletes, we also offer The Designated Hitter™ Youth, standing at 5 ft. and 2 in. tall. Get your own DH Pro or DH Youth today for $349.99 at!

To speak to a sales representative, fill out a facility request form or call us at 1-800-365-6171.