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Facility Feature: Designing and Installing Black Artificial Turf and Rubber Flooring in Long Island, NY

By On Deck Sports
October 13, 2016

Athletic Movement Protocol

The typical gym experience has evolved in recent years. People of all walks of life expect more than just machines and free weights - and expect more than a traditional lifting or cardio workout program. Gyms like Athletic Movement Protocol in Syosset, NY, have solidified themselves as an elite training area for athletes of any level to get this experience. Athletic Movement Protocol, also known as AMP, worked with On Deck Sports to get the proper flooring for their facility to deliver an elite training experience on Long Island, New York. To do this, AMP worked with Mike Kalell from On Deck Sports to get the highest quality artificial turf and rubber flooring for his gym. With our direction, Mike Stella - the Director at AMP - decided on Arena turf and rollout rubber flooring.

Installing Custom Black Artificial Turf

Stella did not want just the standard green turf, however, he saw the turf as an opportunity to brand his gym - leading him to black Arena turf with custom inlaid white lines and gold spec rubber flooring. "We originally planned on getting the standard green turf," Stella said when asked about deciding on black Arena turf. "After looking at our options, we decided that the turf was more than just a training surface, it is also our brand and identity. We pride ourselves on having the best athlete training programs on Long Island, and wanted our facility design to reflect the quality of coaching and services that AMP provides its Athletes. Once we received the samples, we knew that the Arena turf was exactly what we were looking for." Not only did AMP get our premium turf product with Arena, they also went for the look of a field with inlaid white lines. These lines are the same high-quality turf, just in white - allowing the athletes and coaches to track their movements. Having the ability to install custom turf colors, lines and even logos allows On Deck Sports to help gyms truly customize the experience for the athletes. The custom turf is still the same durable, long-lasting turf that On Deck Sports is known for. Arena is our premium turf and can stand up to sled pulls, tire flips, and anything else a gym can throw at it. The benefit of Arena is that it is still soft to the touch, and reacts like natural grass so that athletes can still do workouts directly on it and not have to worry about "turf burn".

"The athletes love the turf," Stella said when talking about Arena. "It is not uncommon to see an athlete or 2 taking selfies on the black turf after a workout. More importantly, however, is their ability to train at a high level on a quality surface. We have not had any instances on athletes complaining about foot/shin pain, like we did in our old facility. The turf holds up to pretty much everything, from heavy sled work to high intensity agility training. Our athletes can stop and turn on a dime in the AMP Performance Center. It is the ultimate representation of form and function. Our new open layout allows us to program a wide variety of athletes and situations. It is great having the different surfaces side by side for that reason."

On Deck Sports’ Experience with Gym Flooring

This unique shopping experience allows our customers to get all their gym flooring needs in one place. We have experts that know the exact turf and rubber flooring that will be able to elevate the performance of your gym, and can also help you design a proper layout to maximize your new turf and rubber flooring. "We are a small business, and did our diligence when pricing and sourcing our vendors," Stella said. "On Deck Sports was not only the best price for quality flooring and nets, but the customer service was second to none.  Mike [Kalell] went above and beyond and was responsive and knowledgeable. When it came the time to install, hooked us up with professional installers for advice.  The final product speaks for itself.  We have the best training facility in the area and our athletes are reaping the benefits.  We couldn't thank Mike and all the people at On Deck Sports enough, and have recommended them a number of times since our build was complete.  I will only have to make one call when it is time to build our second location!"


Sofia Christopoulos wrote:

Hello, Do you do commercial rubber gym floor repairs? We have a section of our flooring that needs to be repairs and reglued. Thanks, Sofia 5166729510

On 1/16/2024 5:53 am

On Deck Sports wrote:

Hey Sofia! Thanks for reaching out. For a repair like this one, we recommend going to a local carpet installer.

On 1/16/2024 5:53 am

lenny estrin wrote:

Black turf is looking nice and it protects the floor also.

On 1/16/2024 5:53 am