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On Deck Sports Facility Feature: Teddy Ballgames

By On Deck Sports
July 6, 2016

Designing, Building, and Installing Teddy Ballgames’ Indoor Sports Complex in South Bend, IN

When someone hears "Teddy Ballgame" their thoughts generally go to the legendary Ted Williams and his historic career. The name screams baseball, and brings back memories of one of the greatest hitters to ever live. That same name is being used in South Bend, Indiana, as a new baseball facility is looking to help players channel their inner Teddy Ballgame on and off the diamond. Teddy Ballgames Baseball Facility recently worked with Keith Burke at On Deck Sports to create an indoor baseball and softball facility to the South Bend area. ”This was a baseball-minded facility that was looking for flexibility in their area," Burke said when asked about designing Teddy Ballgames. "We did a lot of custom netting - different size batting tunnels and different size pitching lanes - for them to be able to maximize their space." Mike Branch, the owner of Teddy Ballgames, wanted to bring an innovative facility to the area for hitting and pitching training. To do this, he got PM34 turf and custom batting cages. He added ProModel portable pitching mounds from ProMounds, Batting Mat Pro's, PVTee's and protective screens from On Deck Sports. This is one benefit of working with us to start your facility. After providing an efficient layout, we were able to suggest the best training equipment to get the most out of the area. Burke suggested a full line of ProMounds products for this facility, and the products have helped the facility maximize the talents of their athletes. These ProMounds products allow the staff at Teddy Ballgames to train traditional batting practice, tee work, pitching practice and more, all in the same area. [slideshow_deploy id='503'] The facility also uses innovative technology to bring their athletes the best experience possible with a HitTrax System. The HitTrax system allows for instant feedback on a players swing and performance. It tracks bat speed, distance and more - giving immediate feedback through video to have a more efficient training session. The system allows for simulated batting practice in professional ballparks, helping keep training fun and engaging. This innovative approach combined with the equipment and design from On Deck Sports has brought a professional hitting and pitching environment to South Bend. We were also happy to work with Mike and his staff on providing installation instructions for the netting and turf.

Our Installation Services for Indoor Baseball Complexes

"The project team with On Deck Sports were available throughout the entire installation process," Branch said when asked about working with our staff. "They walked us through step by step saving us a lot of money by doing it ourselves." "That's one of the services we do provide," Burke said when asked about helping with the installation process. "They used the services of our Project Manager Joe McDonough, and he walked them through any questions they had, step by step. We suggest using our teams, but if they choose to do the installation themselves we are able to support them in-house as much, or as little as they need." Not only did we help with the installation, but when there was a small problem we sent our installation staff to help remedy the problem. "When we encountered a problem with the net heights, On Deck sent in staff to make it right," Branch said. "These guys came in on a Sunday night, after being away from home for several weeks. They knocked it out in a hurry, and made me feel relieved about choosing On Deck Sports."

Teddy Ballgames

4085 Meghan Beeler Court

South Bend, IN 46628