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Grand Slam Fencing Kits, Portable, & Temporary Fencing for Baseball & Softball Fields

Portable Fencing Features

Does your baseball or softball field need a temporary or portable fence? On Deck Sports offers a full supply of portable and temporary fencing solutions that will complete any baseball or softball field needing a fence. We carry a variety of easy-to install Grand Slam Fencing Kits ranging from 100’ to 300.’ We also offer Crowd Stopping Barricades to help control and secure crowds at any sporting events, as well as Fence Rolls and collapsible fencing to easily separate fields and organize spectator areas. Don’t forget to check out our replacement poles, available both Flexible and Rigid poles. Have questions? Contact one of our field and facility experts today.

20 Products

Complete Grand Slam Fencing Kit
Price: 818.991 to 1529.991
Grand Slam Fencing Standard Length Kit
Price: 161.991 to 354.591
Grand Slam Fencing with Pockets Kit
Price: 233.991 to 1670.391
Grand Slam Fencing with Pockets Premium Kit
Price: 2049.291 to 3311.991
Crowd Stopper Barricades
Price: 109.99 to 125
4'H Green Fence Roll
Price: 123.741 to 741.456
SportPanel Fencing
Price: 125.99 to 129.99
Portable Chain Link Fence Panels
Price: Panels are $247.99 each. Please call to order