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Pickleball Courts

On Deck Sports provides professional-grade pickleball surfaces that offer both temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent solutions. The 4x4' court square system converts any flat space with a hard surface into a high-quality, durable, playable pickleball court.

If you are looking to hold a premier championship event, check out the Tournament & Pro sizes, which is perfect for custom logos and colors. Want a regulation court? Look no further than the standard 20' x 44' surface. Limited on space? Check out our Practice option or the Dink option, perfect for practicing your dink shot! If you are in need of a net, check out our selection!

Custom Logos & Sizes are available! For more information on custom projects, installation, or products, contact one of our pickleball experts today!

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PickleRoll Court - 20'x44'
Price: $6,000.00