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About Us

2001 - ProMounds Inc.

Joe Murphy, founder and Westwood High School (MA) coach, needed a mound solution during the winter for indoor practice. The first mound built was made of wood, but the athletic director wouldn't allow them to use it in the gym due to fears of scuffing the floor. Joe needed to find a new way to practice and took on the challenge. The final product: a lightweight, dense foam mound with PRAT technology that became the ProMounds brand, which continues today as a leader in portable pitching mound technology.

2001 - Expansion to On Deck Sports

After the successful launch of ProMounds as both a product & a brand, Joe wanted to provide a full service to baseball & softball coaches beyond just mounds. With that came our expansion into turf, netting, training aids, field equipment, and soon facility design. With a solid customer base built off the popularity of ProMounds, the On Deck Sports brand grew alongside as we became the industry leader in baseball & softball supply.

2021 - On Deck Golf Division

With products like turf & netting, we knew that we could provide services to much more than baseball. That spawned our On Deck Golf division - ready made with experts in alike products. In this process, we added a full line of golf course and range supplies to our catalog - with club pros, course owners, and public works in mind. To date, our golf division has grown in both support staff and scope. This was the beginning of our goal to expand our offering into more sports.

2024 - A New Era At On Deck

With 23 years of expertise, service, and experience in baseball & softball, our brand has grown to be much more than just two core sports. With the addition of On Deck Golf in 2021, we became focused on becoming a full service provider for even more sports. Our new website design was picked with our wide offering of sports in mind with products that can be used in any sport imaginable: golf, soccer, pickleball, football, tennis, cricket, and more.