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Bleachers & Benches

On Deck Sports carries all the bleachers and benches needed for any field or facility. We offer player benches, portable seating, full bleachers and more to take care of your seating needs. Have questions? Contact one of our field and facility experts today.

16 Products

VIP Bleachers
Price: 6479.99 to 17479.99
Low-Rise Bleachers
Price: 1069.99 to 3179.99
Standard Bench
Price: 339.99 to 739.99
First Class Bleachers
Price: 9299.99 to 25899.99
Bleachers Without Fencing
Price: 869.99 to 2129.99
Bleachers With Fencing
Price: 2519.99 to 6319.99
Bench with Shelf
Price: 509.99 to 1489.99
Standard Bench
Price: 259.99 to 499.99
Scorer's Table with Bench
Price: 469.99 to 519.99
Tip n' Roll Bleachers
Price: 689.99 to 2369.99
El Grande 5-Seat
Price: $149.99
Stadium Seat
Price: $38.99
Ultimate Slacker
Price: $29.99
Price: $17.99