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Sports Bleachers & Benches

On Deck Sports carries all the bleachers and benches needed for any baseball and softball field or sports facility. From our premium VIP Bleachers, to our portable Tip-N-Roll Bleachers with Double Foot Planks, our selection of benches and bleachers are sturdy, reliable, and safe. Whether you’re looking for a standard aluminum Players Bench for the sidelines or for a First Class 8 row 31' Bleacher that seats up to 144 people, we’ve got you covered.
Shop the benches, portable seating, full bleacher sets and more to take care of all your sports seating needs today!. Have questions about which set of benches or bleachers are the right fit for you? Contact one of our field and facility experts today.

16 Products

VIP Bleachers
Price: 7434.85987 to 25438.98693
Low-Rise Bleachers
Price: 1228.408624 to 4554.031636
Standard Bench
Price: 463.1027242 to 1330.246801
Tip N Roll Bleachers with Double Foot Planks
Price: 747.5805104 to 4485.507081
First Class Bleachers
Price: 15829.99582 to 34243.36037
Bleachers Without Fencing
Price: 877.1288935 to 3072.055943
Bleachers With Fencing
Price: 3824.470068 to 12421.22562
Bench with Shelf
Price: 698.3858795 to 2276.068747
Standard Bench without Backs
Price: 280.5956915 to 735.7918983
Scorer's Table with Bench
Price: 579.6352922 to 719.1848739
Tip n' Roll Bleachers
Price: 685.913201 to 3629.092811
El Grande 5-Seat
Price: $204.92
Stadium Seat
Price: $39.99
Ultimate Slacker
Price: $39.99
Price: $19.99