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Portable Pitching Mounds for Baseball

On Deck Sports is committed to providing your baseball & softball team and facility with the top products on the market – including portable pitching mounds for baseball. We carry over 15 models of portable mounds from ProMounds and True Pitch for both indoor and outdoor use.

ProMounds portable pitching mounds are made out of heavy-duty, high-density foam and covered with ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology. The combination of the foam core and the rubber armor distinguishes our baseball pitching mounds as the most durable and lightweight portable pitching mounds on the market today. True Pitch mounds are constructed with fiberglass for exceptional durability and, like ProMounds, can be easily cut in order to avoid tripping hazards and ricochet problems.

Indoor Practice Pitching Mounds

Portable indoor pitching mounds are perfect for indoor baseball facilities – allowing your pitchers to train all year. We carry a wide variety of indoor pitching mounds to suit every type of player. From youth pitching practice to professional pre-game warmups, we have a pitching mound for any occasion.

Outdoor Youth Game Mounds

We carry a full line of youth pitching mounds that are suitable for multiple levels of play and specialized for outdoor youth games. These portable youth game mounds allow you to convert any softball field to a baseball field in seconds – ensuring you to get the most use out of your fields. These portable pitching mounds are perfect for youth baseball leagues and are great for both pitching practice and live baseball game use.

Batting Practice Platforms

To protect your pitching mound during batting practice we carry batting practice platforms to protect your baseball mound or sports facility floor during batting practice and preserve them for game-play. Available in both the collegiate and ProModel sizes, our batting practice platforms are built to accommodate any level of play and are the perfect accessory to both our indoor and outdoor pitching mounds.

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