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Field Covers, Infield Tarps And Protection for Baseball & Softball Fields

Protect your infield, outfield, diamond or entire field with field covers and tarps from On Deck Sports. We offer spot covers for specific areas like pitching mounds, bases and home plate, as well as full field tarps and infield covers that will protect your grass or artificial turf. We offer standard field covers that can be held down with sandbags or with stakes, and weighted field covers that have a weighted hem and do not require anything extra to stay in place. Our sports field covers will ensure your field is game-ready all year round.
Protect your school’s baseball or softball field from rain or winter weather with our rolled tarps and custom field covers. You can customize your field covers with colors, logos, and lettering. A custom baseball infield tarp with your school mascot shows off your team’s school spirit! We also have all the necessary deployment and maintenance accessories like storage covers, spot cover carriers, stakes, push carts, and sandbags. Have questions? Contact one of our field and facility experts today.

25 Products

Winter Turf Blankets/Growth Covers
Price: 99.99 to 2265.99
Lightweight Spot Covers - Weighted
Price: 204.99 to 1569.99
Premium Spot Covers - Weighted
Price: 249.99 to 2049.99
Premium Spot Covers
Price: 120.99 to 1036.99
Lightweight Spot Covers
Price: 72.99 to 569.99
Full Field Covers
Price: 1723.99 to 14999.99
Baseline Skin Tarp Set
Price: 210.8 to 315
Infield Skin Tarp
Price: 1460 to 3899
Standard Series Weighted Spot Covers
Price: 209.99 to 1539.99
Standard Series Spot Covers
Price: 76.99 to 689.99
Blanket-Style Sideline Tarp
Price: 499.99 to 1575.99
Standard Sandbag
Price: $24.99
Bunt Zone® Infield Protector/Trainer
Price: 579.99 to 739.99
Track Tarp
Price: 1123.19 to 1783.79
Storage Cover
Price: 134.99 to 569.99
Weighted Track Protector
Price: 464.45 to 2223.72
Stadium Turf Protector
Price: $1,299.99
Heavy Duty 9" Stakes
Price: 24.99 to 42.99
ArmorMesh Sideline Tarp
Price: 392.99 to 1233.99
Field Cover Roller
Price: 716.99 to 1332.99
Two-Piece Cage Collar
Price: $1,059.99