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'A Day In The Life' at the On Deck Sports Operations Hub

By On Deck Sports
March 6, 2020

Located right next to the carpet capital of the country in Chatsworth, GA., our 25,000 square foot Operations Hub gives us ample access to the right resources for our artificial turf production, but it's also a space for much more! See for yourself...

The Operations Hub is often referred to (internally) as "The Palace" because of how clean and organized it is.

Meet the Team!

(Left to right) Robenson, Cruz, Will, Robert, Pablo, Alejandro

Our team works hard every day to fulfill orders, cut and inspect our artificial turf and rubber flooring, fabricate our own netting, and manufacture our batting mats andJennie Finch pitching mats.


Netting Station

We fabricate our own netting into standard and custom panels and cages in a variety of gauges...

A master of machines, Pablo, carefully sews a rope border around our netting panels for each customer.
Netting gurus Alejandro (left) precisely cuts the netting while Cruz (right) thoroughly inspects it for any imperfections


Pitching Mats

With over 15 batting mat SKU's, our staff invests a significant portion of their time ensuring each mat meets our quality standards...


A man of many talents, Will sands and brands each pitching rubber before attaching it to our Jennie Finch pitching mats


Rubber Flooring

We stock, inspect, and custom cut our rubber flooring that comes in a variety of colored fleck options...


The man behind shipping and receiving, Robenson, first unrolls and inspects the rubber flooring.
...Then double-measures the rubber and cuts it to our customers' request
...And finally, tightly rolls the rubber flooring, labels it accordingly, and ships it out.


Artificial Turf

We store a wide variety of turf in many different colors that will accommodate any indoor or outdoor facility. And, we custom cut to make sure it fits just right...


Will brings a roll of turf over to the designated area and unrolls it
Once rolled out, Alejandro and Cruz measure and inspect the turf for quality assurance, durability, and color vibrancy.
Turf is tightly rolled up through rollers
With great precision and a steady hand, Cruz cuts the turf rolls according to our customers' requests

On Deck Sports is proud to have helped more than 1,500 customers get their indoor facilities up and running since 2001, and we look forward to continue doing so with yours!

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