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Custom Windscreen Installation Instructions

By On Deck Sports
June 9, 2016
Once you have received your custom windscreen order, it is important to properly install the windscreen. Proper installation is essential for getting the professional look and maximum life out of your windscreen. These installation instructions apply for standard windscreens, Armor Mesh windscreens, 18oz. vinyl privacy screens and any other custom windscreen order you might place with On Deck Sports.

Step 1

Start by laying out the entire section of windscreen along the fence or wall you plan to hang it on. This will ensure it is the proper length that you ordered. Next, using “S” hooks, hang the top of the first 10’ of windscreen - starting in the top corner. Be sure to keep the screen taught to eliminate wrinkles and folds.

Step 2

Once the windscreen is properly hung on the “S” hooks, replace the hooks with the tie wraps or cords. We suggest using 8” plastic zip ties. Make sure to attach the ties at every grommet. Do not skip grommets. Skipping grommets will place a disproportionate amount of weight on each grommet reducing the life of your screen. It is important that you attach the ties or cord in the direction the windscreen is being pulled. Do not over tighten the ties or cords as this may cause wrinkling due to lack of room for the screen to relax. This will place strain on the windscreen, reducing the life of your screen. The ties can be adjusted once the screen is fully attached to the fence or wall.

Step 3

After completing the first 10’ on the top of the screen, return to the beginning and attach the screen using the ties or cords down the side of the screen, continuing to ensure that the windscreen is taught. If there is a center lacing strip on your windscreen, be sure to complete these grommets before moving to the bottom grommets. Maintain a taught pull on the windscreen for all sections. After completing the first 10’, continue on to the next 10’ section. Complete the windscreen in 10’ increments until the end of the windscreen is reached. *Make sure to not attempt installing your windscreen on a windy day. This will make the process more difficult and could lead to incorrect installation. Also, make sure to not allow your windscreen to touch the ground after installation. This will ensure lawn mowers, weed whackers and other edging machinery will not catch or rip your windscreen.