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Cycle Series Bases - Which Base Is Right For You?

By On Deck Sports
August 31, 2023

On Deck Sports is introducing our new line of bases. Whether you are a youth, high school, college, or professional team. On Deck Sports has a base solution for you. The Cycle Series Bases offer five different styles of bases in the collection. The collection features anchored bases and breakaway bases.


  • Pro-Style Bases
    • The Cycle Series Pro Style Bases are The Big League Bases. These anchored bases are ideal for any field, from high school to professional. They have a tapered lip that almost completely prevents edge turn-up. Most cuts and tears are prevented by the high-quality rubber lining. Because of their natural rubber cover, these bases can resist inclement weather and heavy use.
  • Shock Absorbing Bases
    • The Cycle Series Shock Absorbing Bases are the go-to bases for any team that prioritizes versatility. While these bases have all of the same great features as the Pro-Style Bases, the Shock Absorbing Base can double as anchored bases or throw-down bases. When slid into with enough force, the base detaches from its anchor to absorb impact and prevent injury. Since the anchor can detach from the base, these bases can be used for practice on or off the field. The detachable anchor gives you the freedom to move the bases all around the field to alter the field size or practice drills all around the field.
  • Breakaway Bases
    • The Cycle Series Breakaway Bases ensure the safety of players at any level of competition. While these bases are the same size as the Pro Style Base, they include an impact-absorbing construction that allows them to compress and release. This prevents injuries from occurring when players slide onto the base quickly or at an odd angle. Unlike the shock-absorbing bases, this base does not detach from its anchor, making it a more traditional base with added safety.
  • Impact Bases
    • The Cycle Series Impact Bases ensure the safety of players at any level of competition. This base is a lower profile version of our Breakaway Base, reducing ankle, leg, or knee injuries upon impact. These are the perfect bases for recreational or competitive leagues.
  • Slider Base
    • The Cycle Series Slider Base is a base that prioritizes safety and is mainly used for sliding practice and baserunning drills. This base features beveled corners with heavy-duty rubber to further prevent injury on impact. The beveled corners allow the player to gracefully slide into the base and avoid getting caught on the base
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