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Essential Protective Screens For Your Facility

By On Deck Sports
June 2, 2016

The Best Protective Screens and Nets for Baseball and Softball

Safety is paramount for any indoor sports facility owner. Protecting your coaches and athletes is a top priority and On Deck Sports can help make sure your facility is up to safety standards with protective screens. We have a large selection of l-screens and field screens that will help protect your athletes. Our facility experts can help you decide the benefits of traditional L-screens versus our batting practice L-screens (BPL) or if a 7' x 7' field screen is a better fit versus a 10' x 10' field screen. We carry a huge selection of L-screens that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Nearly every team and facility in the country have an L-screen to use for batting practice. There are a huge variety of L-screens with different features. There are standard L-screens, solid frame L-screens and collapsible L-screens. Nearly every L-screen comes with a pillowcase style net. This is simply a net that is sewn into one piece that fits over the top of the L-screen like a pillowcase over a pillow. This provides two layers of protective netting for the pitcher, leading to greater safety. Many of our standard L-screens are a 7' x 7' frame with a cutout for the pitcher to deliver the ball. These are the most popular and conventional L-screens that have been in use for years. Many are ideal for use in an indoor batting cage - providing room for a pitching machine to be behind it while protecting the person feeding the balls in. They can also be used in a more traditional sense with a coach or athlete standing behind the L-screen and delivering pitches. A great example of this standard L-screen is the Premium Series L-Screen from ProMounds. It is a 7' x 7' frame with a 3' x 3' cutout for pitching. It is designed with an extremely strong pillowcase netting and can have padding and wheel options added on. It is a great value buy for facilities, starting at just $239. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is easy to move. We also carry a solid frame option, known as the Batting Practice L-Screen, or BPL, from ProMounds. This is designed for outdoor batting practice, but has started to find its way into indoor facilities. The one piece, solid frame design comes with a pillowcase net, exterior padding and a wheel kit standard. This leads to easier assembly and a stronger setup. It does a good job protecting pitchers, but does not fill batting cage lanes as much as the standard L-screens. It is still more of an outdoor option, but some facility owners and coaches prefer the smaller frame design. There is also a big selection of collapsible L-screens that are becoming very popular. Like the name suggests, these L-screens can be broken down quite easily for easier transport or storage. These are generally the standard 7' x 7' size, but have folding points to break down to a single square. Both Easton and Rawling have very popular collapsible L-screens that are durable and portable. We also have a softball screen option, providing the same sturdy frame as the premium series L-screen but designed for the softball delivery. We have a large selection of field screens as well, mostly dealing with conventional 7' x 7' and 10' x 10' designs. The 10' x 10' screens are most popular in facilities because they can have multiple uses. They can be placed at the back of a batting cage to create a backstop - creating another layer of safety for those not in the cage. They can also be used to divide batting cages. This provides a protective barrier and allows multiple training sessions to happen in the same cage. They can also be used in facilities with full fields to provide protection behind second base, much like they are used during batting practice on outdoor fields. For facilities with smaller batting cages, a 7' x 7' field screen can serve the same purpose as the 10' x 10' screen. If there is less space to cover, these can be a good fit. They can also be used in full field work to protect 1st and 3rd base during batting practice. Call 800-365-6171 or contact one of our facility experts today for more information about protective screens in your facility.