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Batting Facility Feature: Luna Baseball & Softball Academy, New Jersey

By On Deck Sports
September 20, 2019


Luna Baseball & Softball Academy already had a facility, but when the building’s lease was up, Ray Tognella, Scott Luna, and Garrett Luna had to make a decision – stick with the current size or find a new building. Passionate about coaching and with a growing following, they wanted to find another building, bigger and better than the last.

With their first facility, Luna Baseball & Softball Academy used a local contractor who had expertise in general installations but no experience with indoor baseball facility build-outs. Less than thrilled with the results, Tognella and his partners vowed to do their research before building the new facility. Interested in finding a company specializing in indoor facilities and with a proven track-record of success, they teamed up with On Deck Sports to complete his new 5,000 square foot facility in Paramus, New Jersey.


The planning process with On Deck Sports was smooth and Tognella complimented facility expert, Ryan Kane, as responsive and willing to bring in help when needed.  Kane also provided Luna Baseball with a 3D design layout of the facility. “The 3D design gave me a good look into what the facility could be. I even used it to ease my loyal customer’s minds, so they knew a new facility really was in the works.” The entire process took about 2-3 months, which the Luna Baseball & Softball Academy said perfectly met their desired date for opening day, “Our first facility opened about a month late, so I appreciated being able to open as planned this time around.”

3D design layout


Because the netting in his last facility had worn out and caused holes, Luna Baseball & Softball Academy upgraded to a strong, 42-gauge netting for the facility, also mentioning safety and quality as deciding factors. The batting cages are also walk-draw retractable, which Tognella says is an easy process and it opens up the space.

Luna Baseball & Softball Academy also put windscreens at the end of each batting tunnel stating, “It protects hard-hit balls from ricocheting, as well as extends the life of the nets. The second reason is they provide a black background, giving a better batter’s eye.” Luna Baseball & Softball Academy liked the turf they had in their old facility but did not want to go through multiple companies to find all the supplies. “I was pleased with my old turf, but absolutely loved that On Deck Sports could be my one-stop shop for everything in this facility. The GT34 padded turf is like the old one, even thicker.”

Windscreen at end of batting tunnel and GT34 turf

Luna Baseball & Softball Academy furnished the facility with various On Deck Sports products such as bullet screens, baseballs, and ball buckets with padded lids. Tognella said, “The bullet screens are protective and lightweight, much easier to maneuver around the tunnel.”

Luna Baseball & Softball Academy has reported positive, wide-eyed feedback from customers seeing the facility for the first time. The facility is now a versatile facility that offers 5 hitting lanes and 2 pitching lanes, or a full 5,000 square foot turf field.

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