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Facility Feature: The Playground

By On Deck Sports
July 5, 2023

The Playground worked with On Deck Sports (ODS) to create an indoor facility designed specifically for softball. ODS helped turn The Playground's vision into a reality.

Owners, Emmie and Emmersen Uttis had aspirations of creating a softball facility for years before contacting ODS. They chose ODS because they knew ODS would "provide the total package."

Uitts intended for the 8,000-square-foot building to be used for team practices and private instruction simultaneously. On Deck Sports outfitted the facility with turf and a netting system. Through the use of a shell net and retractable divider curtains, a 72' x 66' turf area in the facility can be divided into six batting and hitting tunnels or expanded into a larger turf field. An additional 800+ square foot section is secluded from the main area. This area is mainly used for private lessons. The facility may be configured in an almost endless number of ways thanks to the netting system, making it a true multifunctional area.

Check out some of the project pictures below!

4,752-sqaure-foot of GT34 Padded Turf
The "Lions Den" a 800+ square-foot area mainly used for private lessons
Up to 6 walk-draw retractable batting cages

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