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Facility Feature: Western Connecticut University

By On Deck Sports
January 22, 2021

Western Connecticut University recently came to On Deck Sports to help them find a way for the baseball/softball teams to safely hold batting practice in the school gym. An efficient and affordable option, On Deck Sports suggested the Black Widow Motorized Retractable Batting Cage Model M. This cage provides a safe batting practice area, and can be retracted up to the ceiling so it does not interfere with other sports.

The Black Widow Model M Bating cage uses a key-turn system. The Side flaps of netting are placed on top of cage. Cage drops down to knee height, players unfold side flaps, and raise cage up to desired batting cage height. To put away, retract back down to knee height, fold the side flaps over the top of the cage, and raise up to ceiling height.

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