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Father, Son Duo Take on Mound Manufacturing at On Deck Sports

By On Deck Sports
November 23, 2021

Shawn Caulfield has been working at our West Bridgewater, MA location for 13 years as the Manufacturing Manager for On Deck Sports. His son Josh joined the team in 2016 to assist his dad in manufacturing our portable pitching mounds. The duo added one more to the team Joe Roy in 2017. These three tirelessly work to build all our ProMounds pitching mounds by hand. The high-density foam molds combined with our ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology (P.R.A.T) produce the highest quality pitching mounds for training and pre-game warmups so you can be game ready.

Mound Town

The warehouse, internally known as “Mound Town”, produces nearly 3,000 mounds a year. The process starts by assembling the foam pieces followed by spraying the P.R.A.T. Next is adhering the turf and cutting it to size, then adding a ProMounds logo plate. Finally, we measure and add the pitching rubber and package it for shipping.

Joe Roy assembling the foam
Shawn Caufield (left) and Josh Caufield (right) spraying P.R.A.T
Insertion of the ProMounds logo plate
Mounds packaged and ready to be shipped

On Deck Sports carries over 15 models of portable pitching mounds made by ProMounds and True Pitch for both indoor and outdoor use. Our portable pitching mounds will turn any field or sports facility into a baseball field ready to play within seconds. From youth baseball pitching practice to professional pre-game warmups, we have a portable pitching mound for any occasion.

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