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Get The Right Batting Cage In Your Facility

By On Deck Sports
July 8, 2016

What to Consider When Building an Indoor Batting Cage System

New sports facility owners have a lot of important decisions to make when designing their building. Between layout, safety protocol and functionality, some of these decisions can become rushed in an attempt to get the facility opened on time. One of these decisions is which batting cages are best for their new building. This is where On Deck Sports can help you. We offer a full selection of batting cages and batting cage nets for indoor sports facilities - including our custom shell batting cage system with sliding divider curtains. This custom batting cage setup can be made to fit nearly any facility with enough clearance. The shell cage is fixed to the walls and provides a protective barrier inside of your facility. Our shell cage system can accommodate a single cage, or can be combined with our divider nets that slide like shower curtains to create multiple batting lanes for larger facilities. This batting cage system is the best available cage and is helping thousands of facilities across the country run an efficient, successful operation.

Batting Cages for Multi-sport Facilities

"When people have a baseball specific facility, they want to just do individual cages," On Deck Sports facility expert Keith Burke said when asked about shell netting. "What we like to do in multi-sport facilities is build the shell net. That covers the ceiling and outer walls for every sport. We put in internal, retractable divider nets - like shower curtains. This gives the facility the ability to close the area down for batting cages, but still have the flexibility to have a wide open field for other sports. This also protects your lights, windows and guests because you have the shell up. It is the best way to accommodate a facility doing multiple sports. We try to push most of our facilities in that direction. "Sometimes we get stubborn coaches that think they know exactly what they want until they talk to us," Burke continued. "They generally come around after talking with us after we deliver our recommendations because they have a better understanding of what we can offer them." We suggest these cages not just because of their versatility, but because they increase the safety in the facility. Other cages might not protect all areas of your facility, but our shell cages do. The safety of your athletes and building is our top priority when planning a batting cage for a facility. There might be other options for batting cages in a facility, but our shell netting system will bring your facility a better looking, safer and more versatile batting cage. We stand behind our shell cage system, and suggest it for nearly every facility we work with. Our knowledge of the batting cages, facility design and safety issues ensure that we will deliver you the best cages possible for your building.