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Homeplate Halo Q & A

By On Deck Sports
August 3, 2020

A Homeplate Halo can give your field a completely new look, but the process to find one that fits your expectations and budget can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, we have the best resources to get the job done. We sat down with Account Executive, Matt Hurley, to answer commonly asked halo questions, and help guide the process for you.

What is the purpose of a homeplate halo?

MH: The main purpose of a halo is to protect the area around homeplate. This part of the field gets a lot of foot traffic in just one game, and programs often find themselves spending a lot of money and time trying to repair that area.

Another purpose is the visual. A halo can add a pop of color to the field, and acts as a great way to show off a team name or logo.

How do I get started?

MH: First, we’ll want to know what surface the halo will be going on top of. There are two main options for the surface...

  • Concrete – Highly recommended option. A concrete base calls for 5mm padded turf, which will be completely glued down. The padded turf provides a layer of comfort and the concrete ensures the turf lays flat without any bumps or lips.
  • Crushed Rock - A crushed rock base calls for unpadded turf and will secure to the ground using turf spikes. Please note, the uneven surface can create lips and bumps in the turf.

Next, we’ll figure out the dimensions. In most cases, the halo will be 26’ in diameter (this can vary based on smaller fields such as little leagues). Then, you’ll want to decide how ‘thick’ you want your halo to be (how far you want it to stretch away from the Homeplate area, towards the backstop fence).

Our standard, recommended homeplate halo sizes are 5’ or 10’. To decide which is best for you, think about how far the space is between the back of your homeplate circle, and your backstop. If there is a small gap, you may want a 5’ halo and if there is a large gap, you may want a 10’ halo. This is solely for the visual affect, and custom sizing is available. See below for examples

5' Halo
10' Halo

What are my design options?

MH: You have the option to add wings to your halo. Wings provide a spot for coaches to stand on and hit fungo without messing up the dirt on the field. They also act as a great place to show off your school’s or sponsor's logos.

10' Halo with Wings

Your next option to consider is color. Our standard color is green, and any other colors will get a custom quote. We have a wide variety of halo turf colors to choose from, and will happily send samples upon request.

Color Options: Dark Brown, Clay, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light blue, Navy blue, Carolina blue, Oyster tan, Purple, Maroon, Crimson, Silver.

You can also choose to add a letters and/or logo.

  • Letters – commonly used to display a team name. This price is based per letter, and on the number of colors. Our standard, recommended letter size is 3' or 5'. Custom sizing is available.
  • Logos – The price to add your school’s logo is based on the number of colors you wish to use and the complexity of the logo design.

Please note, your logo or letters will not be painted on the turf – we cut and inlay different turf colors to create your design so it will never chip or fade.

We pride ourselves in our customization abilities. We do not use a machine; we have dedicated staff that carefully cuts each individual piece of the logo and permanently inlays the design completely by hand.

Hand Cut Inlaid Turf Logos

Will I be able to see the design before I get the product?

Yes, we always provide proofs and wait until your adjustments/approval before putting it into production. See below for an example:

Homeplate Halo Proof

How long until I can get my halo?

Our lead times are usually 4-6 weeks. During the busy season (July-September) lead times may be longer.

How can I install my halo?

Your halo will come in multiple pieces that will need to be glued together.

Check out our blog post on how to properly install a Homeplate halo.

You can also enlist the help of any local carpenter.

Ready to speak with a representative? Give us a call 800-365-6171.