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Indoor Shell Net Batting Cages - The Most Versatile Cage Available

By On Deck Sports
April 29, 2019

Indoor Batting Cage Solutions for Indoor Facilities

On Deck Sports is the industry leader in indoor batting cage design and installation. Our top option for an indoor batting cage is a fixed shell net system. This is our most popular option for indoor facilities and can be customized by our facility experts to bring the best batting cage into your facility.

Our fixed shell batting cages provide great protection for your building, setting a protective barrier for your ceiling, walls and viewing areas. We fix batting cage netting to galvanized steel cables that are attached to the wall with unistrut. This extremely strong system provides a reliable, durable batting cage that looks great. Our netting will not bunch up around the edges of your facility, and will keep baseballs, softballs or any other type of sports equipment from leaving the cage.

Most facilities go with a fixed shell batting cage with sliding divider nets. This give your building the same protection as the fixed cage, but allows for you to retract the interior netting to have one open field. The netting is the same strong, durable netting, but is attached to additional steel cables at the top of the shell - allowing it to slide into place or retract when not in use.

With these sliding cage nets, On Deck Sports installs custom fit windscreen barriers. This feature makes this an On Deck Sports batting cage - providing unmatched safety and a great look. These barriers ensure that no balls will go through the top of the barrier nets. The 18-inch barriers run the length of your batting cage, leaving no space for a ball to jump between cages.

Our shell cages, with and without sliding divider nets, are durable, look great and provide your facility with the protection and look you need.

Looking to build your own batting cage? Need more information on the batting cages that On Deck Sports offers? Talk to one of the members of our sales staff today by clicking here or calling 800-365-6171. On Deck Sports also offers a full line of outdoor batting cage solutions that are perfect for any team, field or back yard. Check out our full line of batting cages today!

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Dave Anderson wrote:

I think that the idea of having a batting net instead of a batting cage is a great one because of how versatile and retractable nets are. Because they can be installed and removed so easily, I think that it would make for a good way to put a batting location in any building. I know that there are a lot of companies that are trying to connect more with their customers by putting sports facilities in their buildings and I think that this would be a great idea for any company.

On 1/16/2024 5:51 am

Ryan wrote:

Great post! protection is very important, and using batting cage netting offers great protection when hitting baseballs. Thanks for sharing!

On 1/16/2024 5:51 am