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Industry Leader Hank Aldrich Partners with On Deck Sports

By On Deck Sports
September 30, 2022

Hank Aldrich, who graduated from Princeton in 1953 with a degree in engineering, established an indoor tennis business in 1968 following 15 years of experience with Boeing. With a passion for tennis and construction, he began building and repairing indoor tennis facilities.

After Hank found success in the space, he discovered that there was a high demand for other types of indoor facilities, especially soccer. With the invention of turf and his expertise in building tennis surfaces, his company went on to install dasher boards and artificial turf in indoor soccer facilities nationwide.

Turf installation at Lansing Soccer Zone

 Hank attributed his instant success to the industry demand and his offering of premium services. The seamless installation process, and top of the line customer service propelled Hank to become an industry leader. 

“That is what led me to partner with On Deck Sports.” Hank said. “We have the same values, especially when it comes to the customers. Both organizations take pride in always putting the customer first. We think similarly and enjoy working with one another.”

On Deck Sports has also been an industry leader in the artificial turf and netting business since 2001. They have designed and supplied over 1,500 facilities nationwide. Their team of facility experts and engineers provide custom solutions while offering best in class products and installation services.

Next Generation Soccer Academy | Crown Point, IN

U.S. Indoor Sports Association’s Membership Director, Chuck Stollery states, “This partnership will be an unprecedented opportunity for soccer facility operators across the country! The combination of Hank Aldrich’s knowledge of indoor soccer facilities and On Deck Sports’ demonstrated success in turf installation creates the industry standard for premier soccer facilities.”

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