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Introducing PITCH - Baseball's Fun Alternative to HORSE | On Deck Sports

By On Deck Sports
June 12, 2024

If you grew up playing basketball, you probably played HORSE. As one of the classic household basketball games, HORSE has been a staple of driveway basketball for decades. For those who don't know how to play, here are the rules:

The first player gets to take whatever shot they choose from any location, while choosing to do any movement they desire. For example, that player can spin around multiple times or jump up and down before shooting the ball. The shot must be called out before you shoot it, or it doesn’t count. If the first player makes the shot, the next player up has to replicate that same shot and movements. If they make the shot, the next player has to do the same, continuing on if all players make it. But if the second player misses, they get a letter (H), and the next player gets to choose whatever shot they want. The last player to spell out HORSE is the winner!

With HORSE being a popular game in the world of basketball, we thought it would be fun to bring it to baseball!

We like to call this game PITCH, a game that combines choosing a pitch type and hitting the correct location in the strike zone. To play PITCH, you need a baseball or softball, the Punch Out Pocket from On Deck Sports, and preferably a mound.

The rules of PITCH are the same as those of HORSE. The first pitcher gets to throw any pitch type of their choosing and pick which of the 9 holes the ball goes in. For example, that pitcher can choose to throw a curveball that lands in the bottom left hole of the Punch Out Pocket. If the pitch is successfully called out, the second pitcher has to replicate the exact pitch and location. But if not, they get to choose their own pitch. And just like in HORSE, the last pitcher to spell out PITCH is the winner!

PITCH is a game where you can use your creativity by inventing new rules and challenges! If the pitchers have a similar skill level, you can choose to have a minimum velocity for each pitch. Instead of only choosing 1 of the 9 holes to throw to, you can choose multiple zones, the padding, or even completely outside of the zone!

This video shows more effective pitch types to use in the game of PITCH, including a sweeper that starts in the middle and ends out of the zone, a middle of the zone cutter, and a bottom left-corner changeup.

Command is one of the most important tools a pitcher can have. Coaches always emphasize hitting your spots so you have the edge over the batter. PITCH is a great way to practice that while also being a fun and friendly game to play with your friends! Try it out today!

The Punch Out Pocket comes in red, black, and blue and can be used at all levels! Get your own Punch Out Pocket for $249.95 with free shipping at!

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