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Batting Facility Feature: Batter Up - Connecticut

By On Deck Sports
August 12, 2016

Building a Professional-Grade Indoor Baseball Training Facility in Connecticut

Indoor sports facilities come in all shapes and sizes - but it takes a true team of experts to make sure your unique facility is set up for success. This is proven perfectly by Batter Up in Guilford, CT. In just 7,000 square feet of space On Deck Sports helped John, the owner of Batter Up in Guilford, design, install and supply his dream facility. "When I got into the new space, I had a vision of exactly what I wanted it to be," Owner John Adams said when asked about opening the facility with On Deck Sports. With Adams' vision, we helped lay out the facility to maximize the space and efficiency. After working with Keith Burke, indoor facility expert at On Deck Sports, the Batter Up facility installed four batting cages that deliver a professional experience to a prime location. Three of these batting cages include Iron Mike pitching machines while one has a new Hack Attack pitching machine - delivering some of the elite training tools for players in the Guilford area. The Iron Mike pitching machines are automatically fed, meaning players can work on their swing without the need for a coach to be running the machines. This also allows for the staff at Batter Up to work more closely with the athletes while they are hitting. The Hack Attack pitching machine can be used for baseball or softball and throws seven pitches. This allows for players to work on multiple areas of their game on one machine. [slideshow_deploy id='613'] With such a tight area we knew that the added protection of fencing was needed in Batter Up. This allows for a safe walking and viewing area around the cages - including a sitting area for players waiting for their turn in the cages. "It was a one-stop shop, essentially," Adams said. "I got my turf, throw-down mats, tees, the benches for players to sit on and people to watch along with the netting and everything. "It was great. It made everything much easier working with [On Deck Sports] because it was that one-stop shop." We were also able to provide John with everything else he needed to outfit his facility - making the decision to use On Deck Sports much easier. We provided Cage Unpadded turf for the floors, batting mat Pro's for hitters to work on, vinyl backdrops to outline the strike zone on the automatic-feed Iron Mike pitching machines, benches for players to utilize while waiting for a cage to open and padding for the metal support beams that ran in the middle of the facility. The look, feel and success of Batter Up proves that you do not need a big facility to be able to successfully work with On Deck Sports to open a great facility. Our experts deliver a one-stop shop experience that will put your mind at ease, and let you focus on opening your facility. "Working with Keith was great," Adams said when asked about working with us. "I continue to order stuff from him now. Also, your two installers are phenomenal. They made the install to my likeing without me even needing to get involved. They're class guys who wanted world-class results and were really great to work with. Like many things, it's the installers that matter. Your guys really care and I wouldn't ever do this again without working with your guys."  
Check out one of the cages in use at Batter Up from the eye of a catcher:
[video width="854" height="480" mp4="/br-sca-blog/ods_images/post/2016_08_hitting-in-cage.mp4"][/video]

Batter Up1 Shoreline Drive, Unit #5 Guilford CT, 06437batterupct@aol.com203.533.7360