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On Deck Sports Padding Q & A

By On Deck Sports
April 20, 2021

Whether you buy indoor or outdoor padding, there are a few factors to consider before making a final decision. Luckily, On Deck Sports has the right resources and knowledge to help guide you through what type of padding will best fit your needs and your budget. We sat down with Baseball & Softball Account Executive, AJ King, to answer commonly asked padding questions, and help get you started on your own project!

I want to buy padding, but where do I start? (Surface)

AK: Our 18 oz. hypoallergenic vinyl padding is a perfect solution to provide safety and a pop of color on your field or in your facility. To help you find the best solution for you, we'll first need to know if you plan to put the padding indoors or outdoors. Our next question is what surface do you plan on putting the padding on? See below for some mounting options.

Z-Clip Attachment

Uses: Indoor/Outdoor

This method is a great, removable mounting soltuion for both indoors and outdoors, as long as it is on a flat surface. Ex: Concrete wall, brick wall, pressurized wood, etc.

Wall padding can be detached from Z-clip mounting.

Velcro Attachment

Uses: Indoors

A removable solution for flat surfaces. Recommended for indoor use.

Padding w/ Grommets

Uses: Outdoors

Perfect for your backstop or any chain-link fence. Grommet holes are added in the production stage. See our blog post for how to install padding with grommets!

AK: Our padding comes with a 1" lip on the top and the bottom, so another solution is to drill the padding into the wall.

What are my color and size options?

AK: We have standard sizes for both indoor and outdoor padding, however, we can customize the size to fit your specific space and needs.

The standard size for indoor padding is 2' x 6' panels

The standard size for outdoor padding will vary in length but includes available heights of 2', 3', and 4'.

We have standard colors available for the padding itself. See below for options:

Indoor Wall Padding Colors
Outdoor Wall Padding Colors

Can I customize my padding?

AK: Yes. We can add a team name, logo, or design to your wall padding. While our padding itself comes in standard colors, we can color-match your logo or design to the exact shade of your school/team colors.

Example of customized Black Backstop Padding

Please note - all custom artwork must be submitted as a vector file. We can create a vector file for you at an additional cost.

Can I see my design before I buy?

AK: Yes, we will always send a mock-up drawing for approval before production begins.

Example of Padding Mock-Up

How long until I get my padding?

AK: Without logos/customization, you can expect to receive your padding about 2 weeks after the order is placed. Padding with customization may take 3-4 weeks.

Ready to get started on your padding project? Give us a call to speak to a representative 800-365-6171 or fill out this form