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The Top Artificial Turf Options For Your Facility

By On Deck Sports
May 31, 2016

Our List of the Best Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf for Sports Facilities

On Deck Sports is not only a leader in the design, installation and supply of indoor facilities - we are also a leader in providing artificial turf options to those facilities. We have four suggested turf options for facilities: PM34, Stadium, Arena and Elite.

Indoor baseball and softball facilities are becoming increasingly popular for off-season training. This is where we do a majority of our turf installation projects. These facilities are often looking to put turf down in hitting or pitching lanes.

This is where PM34 is the perfect application. It is a shorter, softer turf that looks great and costs just $2.35 per square foot. The price point and look lead a lot of facility owners to PM34. When combined with a Batting Mat Pro, this turf will last for years in batting lanes or lower traffic areas. It is our most popular turf option and is a product that is being played on across the country every day.

For a more durable product, we often direct people to Stadium turf. It is made form a nylon yarn - a much stronger and more durable yarn. It can be used in hitting lanes like PM34 is, but is also a good option for open training areas or conditioning areas. The nylon turf stands up better to the higher traffic, and still looks great. This has become a favorite product for gyms and training facilities as well, proving it is tough enough to withstand a lot of abuse and traffic.

We also carry premium turf options that are a bit more expensive, but bring a professional look and feel to your facility in Arena and Elite. These are longer turf options than PM34 and Stadium, and do a great job simulating real grass without the need for rubber infill.

Both turf options are fit for any indoor application. From batting lanes to full fields in baseball or soccer facilities - Arena and Elite turf are great options. They come at the higher price, but bring the improved look, added durability and better feel. You can also get different color options with Arena and Elite, allowing you to get a custom field or turf logo in your facility.

Our professional installation teams have been installing turf for years and will ensure a professional, efficient installation. Your turf will create a consistent surface for your athletes, for superior training.

Call 800-365-6171 or contact one of our facility experts today for more information about artificial turf in your facility.


Tony wrote:

I waS looking to some thicker turf laid at a facility and wondering what installation cost usually runs. Can you help me ?

On 1/16/2024 5:47 am

On Deck Sports replied:

Sure we can Tony. One of our facility experts will reach out to you soon.

On 1/16/2024 5:47 am