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The Top Training Aids For Your Facility

By On Deck Sports
June 10, 2016

Our List of the Best Training Aids for Baseball & Softball

There are thousands of training aids that you can choose from when looking to stock your indoor  training facility for baseball and softball. Brands such as ProMounds, Rawlings, Atec and hundreds of others are trying to position their products as the best, selecting the right ones can be exhausting. Our facility experts have helped thousands of facilities outfit the ideal training aids needed to run. Here is a list of some top aids on the market:

ProMounds PVTee

ProMounds PVTee is the only tee on the market that is "Meant to be Hit" with a 10 lb. weighted base included and a flex-pivot point that makes the tee nearly impossible to knock over. This tee is being used by multiple professional teams, and can withstand any abuse that your athletes can throw at it. ProMounds offers a full one-year manufacturer's warranty, meaning your tee is backed up if anything happens. The PVTee telescopes from 27" up to 47", giving a huge hitting range. ProMounds also has a  Low-Stem accessory which telescopes from 20" to 26". The two options can also be combined for the PVTee Complete Package for the best value.

The Designated Hitter Pitching Aid

Another great training aid from ProMounds is The Designated Hitter. This pitching aid simulates a real batter without the need for one. It is easy to assemble and is used by pitchers of every level. The beveled edges reduce deflections, allowing your pitchers to work the inside corner without worrying about hitting a teammate or as some like to say, "save your freshman."

Pitcher's Pocket

We carry a wide selection of other training aids. This includes the Pitcher's Pocket, available in 9, 12 and 16-hole configurations which helps your pitchers learn how to hit different spots in the strike zone without having to throw at a live batter or to a live catcher. This helps the accuracy of both baseball and softball pitchers giving them visual feedback to where the pitch was thrown. This allows for more time spent coaching and immediate feedback, giving you a more efficient training session. Call 800-365-6171 or contact one of our facility experts today for more information about training aids for your facility.