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What Portable Pitching Mounds Are Best?

By On Deck Sports
April 18, 2019

Our List of the Best Portable Pitching Mounds

Portable pitching mounds have become an essential training tool for pitchers of all ages. Whether game or practice, indoors or outdoors, get the most out of your training sessions, and see your pitchers improve quickly.

ProMounds Portable Pitching Mounds

ProMounds is the leader in the portable pitching mounds market, and On Deck Sports carries the full line of ProMounds pitching mounds. They build both game and practice mounds that are constructed with a solid foam core - making them some of the most durable available. The ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology (PRAT) coating combined with the foam core make the mound lightweight and easier to move while creating a skid and scuff-proof surface that can be used in your gym, facility, or outdoors without causing damage. ProMounds practice mounds come in four sizes: Collegiate, ProModel, Two-Piece and Junior Mound. These mounds can range in size from 2'6" wide to 6' wide. This gives you a full range of practice mound sizes from youth to professional. The Junior Mound is perfect for youth pitchers looking to master pitching. The mound is 2'6" wide, simulating a real mound with a built-in pitching rubber. It also simulates the 6" mound slope, allowing young pitchers to adjust to the slope. This mound is the best way to get your young pitchers pitching in the off-season and comes at a great price point. The Collegiate Mound is perfect for pitchers, simulating a real mound size at a four foot width, 10" height and built-in pitching rubber. It can help pitchers train for Babe Ruth, Senior Little League, High School and into College. The mound allows them to improve their feel for throwing down hill and gives a real landing area during indoor training. It can help growing pitchers build confidence in their delivery - leading to better performances in season. The ProModel is best for high-level training with a full five foot width and built-in pitching rubber to simulate delivering off a real mound. The extra width can be an asset for taller pitcher who train at the highest levels of competition and is perfect for off-season training. The full-size mound is perfect for pitchers looking to make the jump to the next level. They can work on a consistent surface and hone their delivery during the off-season. The Two-Piece can be used at any level and is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to slide the landing area from a four foot landing area all the way out to an effective six feet. This allows for a larger landing area for taller pitchers, and can be shifted to accommodate left or right-handed pitchers. An interlocking system stabilizes the two pieces and will stay tight and to eliminate sliding. The two-piece design makes the mound ultra portable and much easier to store. It is easier to move and allows any pitcher to train like a professional.

Youth Game Mounds

We also carry the full line of ProMounds youth game mounds. These are made from the same high density foam and PRAT coating, but are made to convert softball field into baseball fields in just minutes. Coaches use these mounds for indoor training to give young pitchers the ability to throw down hill from a 6" rubber. Call 800-365-6171 or contact one of our facility experts today for more information about ProMounds portable pitching mounds in your facility.