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Indoor Practice Pitching Mounds

On Deck Sports offers the full ProMounds line of portable indoor pitching mounds for sale. Practice pitching mounds are used for pitching training, pre-game warm up, and for demonstrating and perfecting correct pitching techniques. Designed with artificial turf, these pitching aids are used for making baseball pitching practice simulate a real game.

How The Portable Pitching Mounds Are Made

These portable mounds are made out of heavy-duty, high-density foam, delivering a more durable and lightweight baseball pitching mound. They are all coated in ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology – delivering the highest level of strength without making the mounds heavy. The P.R.A.T. also makes your new mounds skid-proof and scuff-proof on gym floors. Perfect for training baseball pitchers in indoor sports facilities, gyms, backyards, or anywhere else.

We carry indoor pitching mounds that meet the regulations of every level of play, from youth pitching mounds to professional with Junior, Collegiate, ProModel and Two-Piece designs. We also carry Youth Game Mounds for game day and Pitching Platforms for batting practice protection. Have questions? Contact one of our baseball and softball equipment experts today.