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How to Install Backstop Padding on Your Baseball Field

By On Deck Sports
August 2, 2018

How Backstop Padding Keeps Teams Safe on The Field Having fun while keeping teams safe is a priority when it comes to our baseball and softball fields across the country. With the increasing changes to various NCAA, USA Baseball, USA Softball and other organizations’ rules, safety requirements are becoming more stringent and backstop padding is becoming increasingly more common. On Deck Sports offers 18oz backstop padding with grommets that are available in multiple sizes, color, or even custom graphic options. If you are searching for a great value solution for backstop padding that is easily installed on existing chain link fencing - this is your solution. The grommets on all four sides of the backstop padding and at 12" increments and 2" of foam, On Deck Sports provides the safest solution for team and organizations. When it comes to choosing thebest backstop paddingfor your field, the most important key to remember is that the vinyl should be at least 18oz. to provide a strong, long lasting backstop product that will withstand constant use from the players and the changing weather.

How to Purchase Backstop Padding for Your Baseball or Softball Field On Deck Sports offers this custom padding with grommets to protect your athletes from injury. Once you’ve determined the color and size for your protective padding, you can place your order online or directly with one of our sales representatives. If you have questions about custom graphics for backstop padding, our representatives are ready to speak with you. Once you’ve purchased the backstop padding, it’s time for installation. Our 18oz backstop padding with grommets is easily installed by hand on existing chain link fencing by following these simple, easy to follow directions With our sales team’s many years of experience, we wanted to provide a guide on how to safely secure the padding to the existing fencing in order to provide the safest outcome.


Step by Step Instructions on Installing Backstop Padding at Your Baseball Field



Backstop Padding Installation Instructions

  1. Start at one end of the fence area to be covered. Lay out full pad on the ground.  Attach top corner grommet to the fence with tie-wrap or cord.
  2. Attach along the top, pulling pad taut with each subsequent grommet attachment
  3. Attach at every grommet to the baseball field fence! Do not skip any grommet holes! Using fewer grommets results in more load on attached grommets and greater chance of the ties breaking.
  4. Attach the tie wrap to the fence in the direction the pad is being pulled (rather than backward). As the tie is tightened, it will pull the pad taut.
  5. Go back to starting point and from top-to-bottom attach vertical edge to the fence all the way to the bottom, again pulling taut as tie is secured.
  6. Continue along the bottom of the pad and repeat steps performed for the top of the pad.
  7. Continue second vertical attachment until pad is completely secured in place on the baseball field fence.
  8. To maximize the life of your backstop pad, check tie-wraps frequently and replace as needed. Keeping pads tightly secured to the fence will prevent wind damage.  Remove pads during offseason if in a location that experiences harsh winter conditions

Proper installation of your backstop pad is extremely important and will provide the maximum in benefits:

  • Give a professional, smooth appearance that will enhance the look of the baseball field or facility and provide a true bounce off the pad.
  • Maximize the life and durability of the pad.
  • Ensure that the panel fit the dimensions of the wall/fence area to be covered (rather than the panels coming up too short once they are installed)

On Deck Sports provides the whole solution of padding products for a variety of indoor and outdoor fields, stadiums and gymnasiums around the country. From parks and recreation, to high schools and colleges, On Deck Sports will provide expert support that can guide you in getting precisely what you need, within budget and on time. Shop our full selection of backstop padding or give us a call to speak to us about your next project.


thad rosenthal wrote:

Backstop Padding and padding for dugout metal. is this a safety issue and a mandatory to have. Are there some rules regulations. Arizona. Marcos De Niza High School. Girls Softball.

On 1/16/2024 5:54 am

On Deck Sports wrote:

Hi Thad, it's definitely a good idea to have padding for safety, I am going to get you connected with one of our field experts who can provide more information. He will reach out shortly.

On 1/16/2024 5:54 am