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Custom Home Plate Halo Installation Instructions

How to Install a Home Plate Halo on Your Baseball or Softball FieldCustom home plate halos are becoming increasingly popular with teams and fields to provide a professional look and provide protection for players and the field. Proper installation for your custom home plate halo is important fo...

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May 9, 2019

How to Install Backstop Padding on Your Baseball Field

How Backstop Padding Keeps Teams Safe on The FieldHaving fun while keeping teams safe is a priority when it comes to our baseball and softball fields across the country. With the increasing changes to various NCAA, USA Baseball, USA Softball and other organizations’ rules, safety requirements a...

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August 2, 2018

Considering Options For Custom Home Plate Halos

Choosing a Home Plate Halo for your Baseball or Softball FieldTeams and organizations across the country are looking to make their fields and stadiums stand out as the best. To do this, many are adding custom projects to their field to create a new, exciting and custom look. These projects need...

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July 29, 2016