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Indoor Sports Facility Batting Cage Information

By On Deck Sports
May 20, 2016

How to Purchase Batting Cages for Indoor Athletic Facilities and Complexes

For 15 years, On Deck Sports has been at the forefront of indoor sports facility design, installation and supply. With thousands of indoor facilities on the books, we have become the top company for custom indoor batting cages. We offer a large selection of custom batting cage options, all designed to fit your facility. From fixed shell cages to sliding cage netting, along with retractable ceiling batting cages and the Phantom Tension Batting Cage - your options are nearly limitless. What makes each options the best fit for your facility? What are the different features that make each cage different? On Deck Sports has all the information you need to make sure you get the ideal batting cage for your facility. Custom shell cages are made to fit your facility and can be as small as a single fixed cage or as large as a full facility barrier with sliding divider nets to create multiple batting and pitching lanes in seconds. Our retractable ceiling cages are perfect for gyms and facilities - retracting up to the ceiling. A motorized winch system allows for quick, easy lowering and raising to ensure the cage does not affect normal function. The Phantom tension batting cage attaches to anchors installed in your walls - setting up and breaking down in just minutes. It leaves nearly no trace of the cage when removed and is great for gyms or facilities with limited space. Looking to build your own batting cage? Need more information on the batting cages that On Deck Sports offers? Talk to one of the members of our sales staff today by clicking here or calling 800-365-6171. On Deck Sports also offers a full line of outdoor batting cage solutions that are perfect for any team, field or back yard. Check out our full line of batting cages today!