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Baseball L-Screens for Pitching Protection

On Deck Sports has all the L-screens you need to keep your players and coaches safe on and off the field. Our durable pitching L-screens can be used in batting practice or during training - for both indoor and outdoor baseball and softball facilities.

These baseball and softball pitching screens are shaped like an “L” to allow pitchers to throw the ball while remaining protected behind the net. L-Screens are perfect for pitching practice because they allow players to practice new throws, such as curve balls and fastballs, without worrying about being hit.

We offer complete L-Screen packages that come with padding and more, as well as individual L-Screens from brands such as JUGS and ATEC. View all our protective screen products, such as Field Screens and Replacement Nets. Have questions? Contact one of our baseball and softball equipment experts today.

34 Products

L-Screen Padding
Price: $80.00
Premium Series Softball Screen
Price: $239$191.20
Premium L-Screen
Price: 191.2 to 280
Bullet L-Screen Combo
Price: 399.95 to 549.95
Bullet Front Toss
Price: 349.95 to 499.95
Bullet Junior L-Screen
Price: 299.95 to 449.95
Bullet L-Screen
Price: 349.95 to 499.95
Bullet Hole Fastpitch Screen
Price: 399.95 to 549.95