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Residential Batting Cage Solutions

By On Deck Sports
April 17, 2020

During these unprecedented times, we have noticed the desire to excel, be creative, and have fun is alive and well in the communities across the United States.

How do we know?  All over the country families are reaching out to ODS about how they can turn their extra space (inside and outdoors) into functional training areas. As a result, the demand for our residential batting cage solutions is bigger and better than we have ever seen. Just in the last month, we have designed and/or installed a slew of residential solutions ranging from complex indoor retractable cages to standard outdoor batting cages.

On Deck Sports facility expert, Mike Kalell has been getting most of these inquiries and notes, “We know baseball will come back soon, and our customers need to stay fresh and ready for that day. Some people want to revamp their basement into an indoor facility, and others just want to be able to safely hit off a tee in their backyard.” Regardless of preference, ODS has a solution.

No matter how big or small the budget for an ODS installation project, it all starts at the same place for us – an assessment from our Facilities Operations and Sales team.

Director of Operations, Seth Rogers, explains the preliminary process, “Our sales and operations team will work closely with the customer to take their vision from concept to completion. We will begin by understanding their space size and layout, as well as their budget preferences and present them the most appropriate solution for their needs.”

On Deck Sports Custom Design and Installation

With every operations and sales team member on board, our premium offering guarantees a professional looking batting cage facility in the comfort of your own home. You describe the layout of the space and requirements for the cage, and our team collaborates to customize the best products and solution to achieve your vision and maximize your space.

Walk-draw retractable batting cages, and motorized retractable cages from our Black Widow product line are ideal for these types of projects, as they can be customized to fit perfectly in your space and allow for maximum flexibility.  “Our options give the ability to switch from batting practice to fielding practice in the matter of minutes," says Kalell.

The best part? You can sit back, relax, and watch our professional team of installers turn your vision into a reality right before your eyes.

Check out some of our happy custom installation customers:

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DIY Batting Cage Kit Installation

Many of our more recent customers were surprised to hear that several of our solutions can be installed by them without the assistance of ODS installers. Even better, these solutions act as a great DIY project for the whole family!

From netting to turf, and every piece of hardware in between, we work with you to customize the cage and then ship the materials you need.  Every shipment comes with detailed instructions prepared by our in-house operations team to guide you through the process. “People find our instructions extremely helpful, but we are also available by phone to answer any questions and help walk our customers through the steps to completion,” said Kalell.

Check out this self-installed basement batting cage project:

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Maximizing your space isn’t just limited to indoors. Many of our recent residential projects have been creative batting cage solutions for families to enjoy outdoors. Kalell notices, “Our outdoor batting cage solutions are perfect for those who don't want a cage in their house. They provide a training area and can turn your backyard into a fun gathering place for kids in the neighborhood."

ProMounds Batting Cage

One of our most popular products, the ProMounds Batting Cage Kit, comes as a complete package kit with all the necessary tools, hardware, and instructions to give you a high-quality batting cage right in your backyard. Kalell explains, "We can do the installation, but the set up is easy, so most people are able to do it alone or with as little as 2 or 3 people."

The ProMounds Batting Cage is equipped with durable galvanized steel and premium netting to give you a successful batting practice at a great price.

Check out some of our happy ProMounds Batting Cage customers:

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Backyard Batting Cage

Our most cost-effective batting cage solution is another perfect DIY project for you and the family.  With its simple design and detailed instructions, installation is easy and efficient.

The Backyard Batting Cage, which comes with high quality metal fittings and hardware, also includes the same high-quality netting found in all our ODS cages.  The poles, which you source locally, are easily obtained at any local hardware store, and complete the cage to provide a simple solution for an authentic batting cage station.

Another key feature that makes this a popular choice is the portability of this cage.  With its size and simple design, this solution can be set up and dismantled quickly and moved from one location to another if the need arises.

Check out some of our happy Backyard Batting Cage customers:

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Batting Cage Enhancements

Complete your batting cage project and protect your grass with our many turf and equipment options.

Don't see a solution that works for you? We'll create it! Our products are customizable, and our team is always looking to do something different. We welcome all challenges!


On Deck Sports is proud to have helped more than 1,500 customers get their batting cages up and running since 2001. Check out our most frequently asked questions. Ready to get started? Give us a call 800-365-6171



Theo Dumas wrote:

Please give me a shout. 502-609-7647 Theo. Need pricing on a walk retract cage.

On 1/16/2024 5:58 am

On Deck Sports replied:

Hey Theo one of our facility experts is reaching out to you now!

On 1/16/2024 5:58 am

Joshua Holcomb wrote:

I need a 36’Lx12’Wx12’H walk retract cage. Please send quote

On 1/16/2024 5:58 am

On Deck Sports replied:

Hey Josh, someone will be reaching out shortly. Thank you!

On 1/16/2024 5:58 am